Backyard Adventure Park

Turn your backyard into an adventure park! The CTSC zip line will one of the most exciting items you can have in your backyard for hours and hours of enjoyment. Experience the feeling of flying in your own backyard.


Feeling the bird gliding in the air is very special. You don't have to drive to a distant destination or wait in line for your turn. Instead, you can experience it in your own backyard. You don't have to worry about any outdoor activities that children take part in during their entertainment time, or you don't have to be reluctant to go out and breathe fresh. The air is anxious. Because CTSC zip line you can easily set up your own zip line in the backyard, let children quickly fall in love with this sport, take the initiative to go out of the room and enjoy outdoor health fun.


Of course, you can also hold outdoor activities theme parties in the backyard. You can invite relatives and friends to your backyard, build your zip line, prepare tents, outdoor games, campfire cooking food, ce-cold Gold Peak Tea, and all your friends and family. Once you've added a few DIY decorations, you may even Forget you're in your own backyard. So invite your nearest rest and dearest, bust out of the refreshments, and prepare for an outdoor event unlike anything you've ever experienced.


Zip Line (or zipline) is one of the fastest growing eco-friendly global activities for children and adults of all ages.With such a busy and fast life when everyone is running short of time, we can't ignore the child's growth.Ziplining can often be an enjoyable, thrilling Yage to experience. S a great method of break free from tension arises from the monotonous work and get a peaceful and relaxed state of mind.Turn your backyard into an adventure park!