CTSC Backyard Zipline Unboxing, Install (Setup) & Review

CTSC Backyard Zipline Unboxing, Install (Setup) & Review
Here's a step by step install of CTSC Backyard Ziplines. Airtime 110ft in length. Young daughters and friends use it for the first time.

We review the kit components, how to pick a location for a zipline, how to setup it correctly, things to watch for, etc.

This zipline kit is higher grade than most kid ziplines with components like the strong trolley that are built to last longer and American designed (patented)

Today we unbox install and review the CTSC 110 foot long Zipline. Watch me install a 110 foot zip line kit for kids. These are great for back yards, playgrounds, parks and forest. This kit is rated for 250 lbs.

CTSC 110 Foot Zipline Kit with Stainless Steel Spring Brake and Seat, Ziplines for Backyards, Bring Colorful Fun and Enjoyment with The Most Complete Accessories Zip line(Up to 250lb)

Hopefully this awesome video newly shooted would be good for zipline lovers and users.

Please find below this youtube videos for CTSC zipline unboxing, setup and assembly instructions, this installation video may give you a guideline to install your backyard zipline kit properly.

Any ideas or questions in regards to the zipline installation? we would be pleased to help.

E-mail address: support@iziplineinc.com

Thank you!

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