Why iZipline

Designed By Consumers For Consumers.

Having spent many years as consumers, we have a first-hand understanding of the needs and desires of modern families for home fun and outdoor activities. That’s why our approach has been 100% client-oriented. We were thinking a lot to get kids and parents happy trusting our products not only match but exceed even your highest expectations, when it comes to safety, ergonomic design and affordable prices.

Everything you will need for BACKYARD ADVENTURE is just in a box. Some are simple, others are stylish, however you go, the quality will blow your mind!

Going forward, we’ll continue our work to make CTSC more affordable, accessible and sustainable for the many people around the world. And we’ll continue to support woderful products in ways fun and adventurous. The world needs a better everyday life right now. We’ll keep working hard to make that vision a reality!

“We have placed a greater value on where we live more than ever before. Home is no longer just a house. Home is where we work, where we learn, and where we create memories that last.” Said Tim manager from the service department, I couldn’t be any more excited to introduce you to our home tendency where we celebrate the outdoors. Come with us and reimagine your outdoor living and discover some of the greatest tips and inspiration for your backyard life‼️

After investigation we are creating and producing quality Zip Lines with innovative designs to customers from the world and win great market response across the market.

Fishing and Hunting are a good topic for us and we are creating quality items that buyers are loving from the globe.

Our innovative designs set industry standards and created a process that empowers each of our customer. We are sharing happiness and willingless with our customers also inpiring new ideas to produce more coolest OUTDOOR FUN items that buyers love.

It would be great to build up a brand new family backyard lifestyle and establish a fruitful and reliable business partner together, it is great that we turn cool ideas from customers into real products for years passed and years to come.

We are ready when you step outside and visualize the path you never knew existed, right in your own backyard and we can change your backyard to an exciting amusement park. With our zip line equipment, you can dream bigger, the only limit is your imagination. So let's go of the ground you know and tether yourself to the nature.

Who We Are

Love Sports, Love Fun and Love Life! Nowadays, everyone got very busy for working or life, but no matter how busy we are, we can’t ignore the child's growth. On the weekends, we can play with the children together in our backyard , spend a few hours playing with the ziplines and more outdoor fun items, Let's enjoy the kids' exciting laughter and be with them through their happy childhoods.
CTSC and related brands including its' team are in a way to create great products for Backyard Adventure and Family Fun, we have a mission to bring in meaningful life for kids and parents from the world. Adventure really does come in just a box and you will find things beyond your expections working with us! Our clients are our friends as well as a part of our "family", every person at our organization puts the needs of clients first. This allows everyone to reach the goals we all desire. Thank you.


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