CTSC 75' Zip Line Kit Trolley With Stainless Steel Spring Brake and Seat, Ziplines for Backyards Bring You and Your Family Colorful Fun and Enjoyment Black Rider Perfect Toy Gift (Up to 250lb) (Black)

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Please find below two youtube videos for CTSC zipline unboxing, setup and assembly instructions, this installation video may give you a guideline to install your backyard zipline kit properly.

Meanwhile here are more tips to get the cable tight and help you once the cable is a bit short.

5 Simple hacks to get any zipline tight!

Zipline trolley is equipped with a handlebar and dual ball-bearing in each wheels for fast, smooth ride. Perfect gift toys for kids.

This is the backyard/amusement park zipline with an integrated seat that allows kids to swoop through the air while remaining close to the ground.

The seat reduces stress on arms and allows ziplining at lower heights since riders do not hang as close to the ground.

A galvanized steel cable wraps around two trees at an incline and riders zip from one end to the other while holding the pulley with a spring braking system that slows or stops the zipline - a unique feature. Similar to ziplines found at luxury ski resorts and adventure camps, it enables riders to swoop up to 75'.

75-foot cable makes riding longer and more comfortable (we provide cable length customization service free, fill in your requirements in the custom area below if necessary)

The steel trolley has sealed ball bearings that provide a safe, fast ride as they glide across the cable and padded handles enable a comfortable grip.

The rope length and seat height adjust easily to accommodate zipliners of all heights. Includes mounting hardware and detailed instructions. Supports up to 250 lbs. Ages 8 and up. 90' L x 1' W. (15 lbs.)

Package including:

Trolley * 1: size 10.5" * 5.9" * 5.9"

Main Cable * 1: 75 feet

Sling Cable * 1: 7 feet

Turnbuckle * 1: 6" Steel with locking hardware

U clamps * 3

Seat with hanging Rope * 1: height is adjustable.

Spring brake * 1: 5.9' for safer ride

Instructions * 1

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The benefits of outdoor play are enormous and indisputable component to children’s emotional, mental and physical health. we don’t need to tell you how studies have proven that the overall times of unscheduled outdoor play is down from previous generations and the effects can be seen in the highest rates of anxiety, stress boredom, and inability to focus even seen.

If you are looking for an adventure, ziplining will satisfy your yearning. This fun, exciting, and thrilling outdoor activity will give you a chance to venture while viewing the beauty of nature. It’s an enjoyable way to bond with family and friends while embracing Mother Earth.

Ziplining is a perfect activity to set up in your backyard, so there’s no need to travel a long way to enjoy this recreation, it's a black rider for you.

Flyer V (victory) Shaped ZIPLINE with BRAKE & SEAT to have super fun at your Backyard with Seated Zip Line Gear Cable Trolley Pulley with a handlebar and dual ball-bearing in wheels for fast move, it must be fun and exciting for your whole family! Great Toy Gifts for KIDS and Families.

Love Sports, Love Fun and Love Life! enjoy zip line with your family and friends at your backyard.

Get This Amazing Zip Line Now And Offer The Most Amazing Riding Experience To Your Little Ones- For Happy Kids & Daring Parents!

Are you planning to redecorate your backyard in order to create a more playful environment for your kids? If your answer is yes, then we have exactly what you need! Get this amazing zip slide now, and make your day a breeze- now you are given the chance to live the whole playground experience at your backyard! Spend relaxing and intimate moments with your little ones whenever you are given the chance to- make your neighbors feel jealous about your playful attitude!

We know about playground equipment- try our product and feel the difference!

Ultimate Safety For Your Children

We understand that as a young parent you are always worried when your kid indulges himself/ herself into adventurous activities- however, this zip line is going to save your peace of mind!

Both the sling and the main cable are made from galvanized aircraft material that is never going to break or let you down- while the seat adjusts to your kid’s needs for a more comfortable and safe ride!

Our zip line meets the international quality standards CE & RoHS- for a 100% safe and careless ride!

Perfect Gift Idea Is your nephew’s birthday party coming up and you want to buy an intimate present he/she will remember for a lifetime? Then we have a suggestion to make! Get this amazing zip slide or zip line as a gift now and offer an adventurous canopy ride that will amaze your beloved ones!

This Product Is Totally Risk-Free!

Get It Now With Confidence!

CE and RoHS approved and safety testings done to meet the international quality standards.

Made of galvanized aircraft cable, much stronger and more durable, the Safest Zip Line, thus make sure your adventures safe, and can be used year-round. 75 feet cable course gives a long exciting ride with a block brake stopping.

Exciting but safe. (cable length can be adjusted in mass production as well due to your market demand and the cost is a bit different) FAST, SMOOTH and SAFE. The trolley is equipped with a handlebar and dual ball-bearing in each wheels. Proprietary these three Shaped Designed Trolleys with Non-slip rubber grips. In additional, COMFORTABLE, the integrated seat is adjustable for rider's height, quick attaching and removing, can relieve and reduce stress on arms perfectly. Every designs will give you the best ride exprerience. You can enjoy yourself with people around you.

The most practical and complete kit. Fully assembled trolley and very thorough instructions decrease the setup time so you will be ziplining in 30 minutes. This product was engineered to provide safe fun for children ages 8 and over. For best and safe results, please read instructions carefully when installing and using your ZIPLINE.



 1、Please strictly follow the instructions and ensure the installation is solid.

 2、Kids under the age of 10 need to use zipline under the guidance of adults or guardians.

 3、Strictly follow kids and adults with a weight limit of 350 pounds.

 4、Heart disease and hypertension patients, pregnant women, please do not use products, in order to avoid accidents.

 5、Installation between two trees or ends is required, and there is a clear runway between the two without shelter, preferably with a slight slope in the middle of the runway.An end-to-end slope of 3-6%. 



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