Zipdiz Ninja Slackline Kit with Full Accessories Ninja Slider Slackline Pulley Spring Brake Colorful Fun For The Whole Family 2024 New (up to 250lbs) (RED)

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ZIP along your Ninja Line to advance to the NEXT LEVEL!

This BRAND NEW obstacle will challenge your ninja skills!

Now that you've mastered the basic Ninja Warrior Course, it's time for you to ADVANCE to the NEXT LEVEL! Introducing the Zipdiz Ninja Slider Pulley. It's a BRAND NEW WAY TO NINJA. You can now ZIP along your Ninja Slackline and train like your TV heroes. Build your skills and strength to conquer this new dynamic challenge. Ninja Kids LOVE it, and even forget about electronics (sometimes)! Mix it up and find your favorite ninja course attachments to train with.

Upgrade your Ninja Training Today!

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2024 Endless Fun - A completely new dimension of Ninja Course Obstacle. The Most Exciting and dynamic obstacle available. It's sure to get kids Outside and moving while they build Strength, Coordination, Confidence to become a Ninja.

Safety First - We over-designed this Slider Pulley so you never have to worry about it breaking. It's been tested to over 6,000 pounds because we care about your safety. Recommended for ages 8 years old and older.

Quick & Easy - Easily installs on any 2 inch wide Slackline Obstacle Course, but we recommend Ninja Slackline kits. Simply place on top of slackline, secure the triangle carabiner, and attach one of your ninja warrior accessories. Does not include slackline or other obstacles.

Trolley and Spring Brake are specially designed for ninja slackline.

They are made of high quality aluminium and stainless steel.

The Trolley and Spring Brake offer a much more exciting experience and a gentle end to the ride which is ideal for Ninja Slackline.

Spring Brake:

Before installation of the Spring Brake, thread the Ninja Line, using the flat end, through the Spring Brake!

After installation of the Ninja Line, select an appropriate position and length, and fix the brake by the S - end.

Fixing Holder and Locking Carabiner:

Select desired positions for obstacles. Shorter distances apart are recommended for smaller users (approximately 14 inches apart is a good place to start).

First obstacle, typically the climbing ladder, should be placed 6-10 feet from tree on the main line.

Do not attach obstacles to the anchor line. With Adjustable Holder on underside of line and holder flanges on top, pull line through Adjustable Holder to make a loop.

Thread Locking Carabiner through the line loop. Do not attach locking carabiners to Adjustable Holder.

Attach obstacles to Locking Carabiner in desired order.

Locking Carabiner by twisting the nut closed.

Ninja Trolley:

Properly set up Ninja Slackline

Follow the User Manual and Setup Guide for your ninja line obstacle course.

Leave up to appropriate size of length at the beginning of the course for the Ninja Trolley obstacle. Ninja Trolley should be placed near the beginning of the obstacle course so the user can slide down the webbing toward the middle when the line sags due to the user weight.

Line should be set so that the shortest user's feet hang about 15 inches from the ground while hanging from the obstacles at the middle of the webbing. Mount Ninja Trolley to Ninja Line

Place Ninja Trolley over the top of the Ninja Line.

Make sure the longer side of the Ninja Trolley hangs below the webbing line.

Secure the Locking Carabiner onto the Ninja Trolley by threading it through the hole in each of the trolley side plates. Locking Carabiner must pass through both side plate holes or it may fall off.

Attach a hanging obstacle to the Locking Carabiner and lock the securing nut closed.

Make sure all connections are tight and perform the mandatory load stress test by using either a 250 lbs person or weight suspended from the line.

Ninja Slackline Kit to Bring in Super Fun for Kids, Let's get kids active! Ninja Slider Slackline Pulley.

Selling points:

- XL upgraded 82FT longer distance to have cooler and super fun.

- Gentle and SAFE spring brake at the end point - Innovative design.

Kits Include:

Ninja Trolley x 1

Ninja Line x 1, L 82ft/25m, W 1.96in/5mm

Ratchet Line x 1, L 6ft/1.85m (included)

Swing x 1

Gymnastic Ring x 2

Ninja Wheel x 1

Climbing Ladder x 1

Spring Brake x 1

Locking Carabiner x 6

Adjustable Holder x 6

Tree Protector x 2

User Set Up Guide

Craftsmanship - The side plates are forged from Aerospace grade Aluminum alloy for lightweight strength. The axle is precision machined from stainless steel for maximum strength.

And the sealed ball bearings with OVERALL alluminium roller casing provide a super smooth ride!

Ideal for families who already own a slackline and wish to turn it into a Ninja zipline obstacle course, these hooks are a practical way to design your obstacle course as you see fit!

From the climbing rope to the climbing net, give your imagination free reign with zipdiz’s slackline obstacle holder hooks. Easy to use, they let you install a multitude of Ninja accessories and games so that your children may have lots of outdoor fun in a variety of ways.

- Install your holder hooks on your 5-cm-wide textile strap in the desired positions. Remember, you don’t need to take down the slackline before installing the obstacle hooks.

- Once the hooks are in place, all you need are a few seconds to arrange your Ninja accessories as you see fit! In one click, you can easily take down your obstacles to rearrange them or even put them away for the winter.

- Safety and simplicity guaranteed: these steel hooks will keep your sports obstacles sturdily in place because, unlike classic equipment, the obstacle hook solidly stabilizes any and all of your slackline accessories, to let your children climb around in complete safety!


 1、Please strictly follow the instructions and ensure the installation is solid.

 2、Kids under the age of 10 need to use zipline under the guidance of adults or guardians.

 3、Strictly follow kids and adults with a weight limit of 350 pounds.

 4、Heart disease and hypertension patients, pregnant women, please do not use products, in order to avoid accidents.

 5、Installation between two trees or ends is required, and there is a clear runway between the two without shelter, preferably with a slight slope in the middle of the runway.An end-to-end slope of 3-6%. 



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